Each year the World Rugby Classic brings together locals and visitors alike to the National Stadium in Bermuda to witness teams from around the world compete for the Winning Title.

Corporate and VIP Sections are set up where spectators enjoy their view of the game while indulging in delicious food and beverages in their custom designed Tents.

Planning Factory takes pride in custom designing each tent they create, allowing the clients and staff of the company to experience impeccable detailed features of their environment.

This Years World Rugby Classic will be held from November 5th – November 12th 2016

For more information please visit: www.worldrugby.bm

Rugby weather strikes again!

Are we the only ones who see the correlation between horrible rain and the week of Rugby? Love it as we do, don’t you think we should automatically build in rain boots, umbrellas and hats? All I can say is, it’s a lot easier UNDER THE TENT than schlepping things from the truck TO THE TENT and out again! Just call us “mud dogs!”

I guess we shouldn’t complain just look at these guys!