Planning Factory Bermuda + David Tutera Experience

Planning Factory Bermuda is proud to have partnered with The Tutera Organization to host The David Tutera Experience in Bermuda.

David Tutera + Planning Factory Bermuda

Planning Factory Bermuda was the on-island sponsor of Day 1 and Day 3 of the unforgettable David Tutera Event Symposium, welcoming Event Professionals from around the world to be inspired by the style & success of DT.  His quote “Surround yourself with others that think you are great….because you are!” really sums up his overall attitude to tackling any obstacle, it takes a team to create opulence!  We were pleased to provide all of our Luxe Rentals inventory for this incredible event Symposium!

Shout out to the outstanding Tutera team of talent, Flowers by GiMi for doing all floral arrangements throughout the Symposium and Sound Concepts for stage, lighting, sound and music for Day 3 Gala night!
Thank you to the amazing group of individuals who came together to make the #davidtutera Event Symposium an unforgettable experience! It was a pleasure to work with & get to know you all!

David Tutera saying “Thank You” to Planning Factory Bermuda VP Cher Przelomski!

Cher & David have known & respected each other’s work within the industry for years.  It really was wonderful to share ideas & make his creative visions come to fruition with our vast decor offerings & on-island expertise & vendor connections.

Gorgeous Photos of the David Tutera Bermuda Experience

Full list Sponsors & Teams involved in bringing this sensational symposium to the island.

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