Bermuda Olde Towne Carolers:  Fully-Costumed, All-Bermudian, Holiday Song Performers Available

Events are being done differently this year; what better way to safely spread the Holiday Spirit than our Bermuda Olde Towne Carolers!  Planning Factory Bermuda is thrilled to announce that we are ready to ‘Rock Around the Christmas Tree‘ with the professional entertainment of the season!  Our specially-trained Bermuda Olde Towne Carolers will exceed expectations that you have come to expect for our  world-class talent!

Our All-Bermudian, Dickens-style Olde Towne Carolers are available to regale staff, clients & special engagements with classic holiday songs.  Imagine festive Olde Towne Carolers in your lobby as employees pass through for work, in your Hotel lobby or restaurant or in the Mall while you shop!

Holiday celebrations are a part of your Company culture, provided to stimulate morale & reward your employees, clients and/or customers.  Let’s have fun: We can celebrate with health, safety & social distancing in mind.   Everyone will appreciate some year-end festivities more that ever, as 2020 as been challenging for all of us. Caroling spans generations and is enjoyed by many cultures; check out our song list below!

Olde Towne Carolers

All About our Olde Towne Carolers

  • All-Bermudian talent
  • Stationary or Strolling Performances to spread cheer throughout your venue or stationed in your lobby
  • Carol-Grams as a surprise delivery – personalized performances make a soulful gifting option
  • Performing A-Cappella (no music) – the trained choirs’ voices will fill the air
  • Can add musical accompaniment: solo keyboard, duo, trio, quartet, & more – more music, more impact
  • Luxe Victorian Christmas Caroler Costumes specially fitted for each member for a polished performance
  • Additional costume options available upon request – we are always open for further customization
  • Priced for any size group, with or without musical accompaniment!

Olde Towne Carolers

Olde Towne Carolers Songs List

Our All-Bermudian Olde Towne Carolers are already practicing their traditional songs!  They perform a vast selection of holiday favorites, from sacred to secular, from old to new.  If you have a specific song your team would like performed, give us advanced notice & your reserved performers will rehearse to have the piece in place for your event.  We can even cover Jazz favorites

Olde Towne Carolers SONG LIST:

Olde Towne Carolers

Olde Towne Carolers FAQ

How far in advance should I hire Olde Towne Carolers by Planning Factory Bermuda?

Contact us for booking as soon as you have your dates set – the earlier in the Season the better.  However, we will do our best to accommodate last-minute inquiries, so always try!

When are Olde Towne Carolers available?

Our talented team has availability from between November 28 & December 24.

Can I hire more than one service or caroling group for my Christmas Party or Corporate venue?

You can hire as many services or groups as you need!  Also, you can hire Holiday Carolers in the quantity you wish (trio, quartet, quintet … even a 7-piece band!) Very often we will be asked to send out a caroling group & a brass quarted to the same party.  Or the Piano & Voice Duo to switch off with the carol singers during a long event.  We can even send multiple caroling groups if your event is large or on several floors or in different locations or longer than four hours.

How long is a typical holiday caroling booking?

Typically performances are 2-hour minimum with (2) short breaks; taped music will be provided to fill in during breaks.  Performances can be substantially longer as requested.

What other work have you done in Bermuda?

Check out our Portfolio for pictures of some of our world class events, strategic marketing solutions, intelligent designs, & production management.

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