The Wisdom of Steve Harvey



I think Steve Harvey is one funny man! He’s also a man with some thoughtful, insightful comments. Please allow me to share.

I heard Steve Harvey talk about something a few months back that clicked in my head as I was having one of those, “difference of opinion” conversations with a group I was involved with. No matter who or where or even to cite a specific comment; the overall conversation led me to hear the ‘click’ of Steve Harvey’s words.

Steve related in his story that he has a wagon. He only so much room on his wagon. He gets various people from time to time to join him on his wagon. (Paraphrased from here.) Some people who join him in his wagon work out; they are kind, easy to be around, nice, funny—you know, the kind of people you ENJOY being with. Then he goes on to say, there are the others who, well, turn out to NOT be that.

Steve said: “I only have so much room on my wagon.” Steve said he only wants people on his wagon who are positive, make his life nice, good. Steve continued to say that when people don’t work out because they are not a good fit with what he wants in his life, he tells them to get off his wagon. “I only have so much room on my wagon (he says again), and if you don’t fit what I need for my life, then you have to get off my wagon.”  What wisdom.

MY wagon now has some room in it. There are some people who had to get off my wagon recently. As I said, my brain clicked in the middle of that conversation I was having, and I said to myself, “I only have so much room in my wagon . . . “

Thank you, Steve Harvey, for that incredible perspective. Works for me. And my wagon keeps rollin’ along.