A Day with the Dolphins

I have produced many events at the National Museum of Bermuda (www.nationalmuseumofbermuda.com), knowing full well that Swimming with the Dolphins (www.dolphinquest.com) was located there. Of course I popped my head in along the way to say HI to my business partner’s sister, Christine Mihelcic. She is the dedicated manager of Dolphin Quest (plus she’s funny!); so she was always on my, “let me go over and say HI! list” whenever I was on property.

Yet, ever since Dolphin Quest relocated to the National Museum of Bermuda from the old Sonesta property–and I must admit being right under my nose those many times at the Museum–I never took advantage of getting into the water to swim with the dolphins—until yesterday! It was absolutely AWESOME! Kathryn Massa, a very wonderful person besides business partner, surprised me and said, “this afternoon we’re going swimming with the dolphins!” Here’s a photo or two of me with the dolphins. I got to kiss one!! They are amazing animals, so full of personality—and warm blooded like us! I learned about how they eat, nurse, learn and are nurtured by very, very caring and educated people—needless to say I was beyond impressed with these animals and the people who love them.

When I looked at the photos Dolphin Quest took and placed online (another cool thing they do), I realized how many years I didn’t take the time to do this very special thing. And then to say: how many of us do the same thing? We may be so used to seeing the beautiful or fabulous things available to us—or even people we say to ourselves, “I’ll call her soon”—no matter who we are or where we live, that we simply walk by or otherwise choose to pass up the opportunity to connect, not taking the time to call or to experience something right in our own “back yard.” Think: have you done this, too? What is the local attraction visitors from around the world come to see but we don’t?! What are we missing that is an experience to enrich our lives forever, if only we invest “an afternoon?”

Plan that thing today. Times’ a ‘wastin’!!